We Have Sheets
Down to a
We Have Sheets
Down to a Science
Our Patented Sleep System Will Help You
Sleep Cool and Comfortable
Bed combo sheet
How did we reinvent bed sheets?
By using the latest fabric technology to create the perfect sleeping environment.
  • It starts with our cooling top sheet that delivers both moisture and heat wicking technology to the sleeper beneath. Our Cooling Fabric has been tested and found to be 1-2 degrees cooler to the touch than other fabrics.
  • The fitted sheet and pillow cases are made from our original moisture wicking fabric. This fabric absorbs the moisture that naturally travels downward off of the sleeper.
  • Combining these materials creates a one of kind sleeping environment that keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable all night long.

  • "Best night's sleep in years!"

    "Now that I’ve reached my middle forties, night sweating is, unfortunately a regular occurrence for me. And that, combined with some medicine I take for my Thyroid, caused me to wake up drenched most nights. I was really interested in Wicked Sheets but very skeptical, especially so because when I first put them on my bed, they just didn’t feel like I could relax in something that felt like a top I work out in; I have traditionally only slept on a high thread count cotton sheet. The first night (and every night since then) I slept incredibly well and felt comfortable and cool all night. I even contacted the Founder the next morning to thank her for the best night’s sleep I’d had in years! I love my Wicked Sheets and will want to take them with me whenever I travel!"

    Betsy G.
  • "Great sleep temperature, even with the flu!"

    "The Wicked Sheet is a terrific product based on a great concept. Suffering from the Flu, I found the sheets comforting as it helped maintain my body temperature through fever and chills. Once I recovered, the sheets provided an excellent nights sleep by maintaining a consistent body temperature preventing the tossing, turning, and thrashing that occurs with other sheets trying to find that comfortable temperature. Besides their effectiveness providing a great nights sleep, the sheets look great and kept a ‘Hotel Fresh’ appearance."

    Robert H. Zax, MD FAAD
    (Fellow, American Academy of Dermatology)
    Board Certified by the American Board of Dermatology
  • "Will only buy your sheets from now on!"

    "Definitely an improvement for my night sweats-but I still get hot sometimes. Will only buy your sheets from now on though. Thank you so much! I am going to order again right now. I told my OBGYN about your product and she is going to tell her patients; soooo many of us suffer from night sweats! Thank you!"

    Susy J.
  • "Pregnancy-induced night sweats"

    "I loved them! They kept me warm, but not uncomfortably warm at all. Because of night sweating, I usually wake up to curly hair every morning after I straightened it the day before. With Wicked Sheets, my hair is less frizzy from sweating. The sheets are so soft on my skin! My husband has texture issues and normally hates sheets…but he loved the silkiness of Wicked Sheets!"

    Brandi C.
  • "Menopause-induced night sweats"

    "We thought the sheets were so comfortable…soft and silky! My temperature fluctuates so much right now with ‘the change’ but I feel like these sheets adjust to both my hot and cold needs."

    Nancy T.
  • "Wicked Sheets gives back to former US Army Officer"

    "I started sweating at night several years ago while serving as a US Army officer in Iraq. I’ve since left the Army but remained very physically active. While I don’t wake up with sweat-soaked t-shirts as frequently as I once did, I still do about twice a month. As an avid user of moisture wicking fabric for running and cycling, I was familiar with the technology but doubted if it would increase my comfort level while sleeping. After two months of sleeping Wicked, I am impressed with the product’s effectiveness- especially the pillow case. It’s much more pleasant to go back to sleep on a dry pillow case. I definitely recommend Wicked Sheets to anyone who sweats at night and wants to feel better when waking up and going back to sleep."

    Tony D.

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Scientifically Designed
and Tested to help
you Sleep Cool and
Stay Dry.
Scientifically Designed and Tested to help you Sleep Cool and Stay Dry.
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