Menopause Hyperhidrosis Moisture Wicking Sheets


Wicked Sheets create a cool
and luxurious place to sleep.

Wicked Sheets are comfortable, breathable and silky to the touch. Our advanced technical fabric contains "smart" fibers that wick moisture away from the body, ensuring a cool, dry and comfortable night's sleep.

The most wicked fabric.

Our fabric has pores, like your skin. It works to keep you cool by pushing the moisture away from your body. Our fabric doesn't have a traditional thread count, but it's comparable to the feel of luxury 600-700 high-count sheets. Wicked Sheets provide a unique new solution to the age-old problem of night sweats.

Cool Sheets Made In USA

Cool Sheets

The most wicked
sheets you’ll ever get
your hands on...

Starting at $119/set!