Frequently Asked Questions

Cool Bed Sheets?

Our cool bed sheets are made with unique bedding fabric that has pores, just like your skin. They work to keep you cool and dry by wicking the moisture away.

Will my sheets be wet if I have night sweats?

Wicked Sheets are different than the traditional cotton sheets; they wick away moisture from your body, but don’t soak into the sheets. Wicked Sheets technical fabric keep you and your bed dry if you’re suffering from night sweats.

What if I’m not a night-sweater? Will these sheets work for me?

Wicked Sheets are luxury sheets for everyone! The sheets provide a comfortable sleeping temperature for everyone.

What’s in the name?

For us, wicked has always been a positive; our play on words has more meaning than one, and all are far from malice!

wicked meanings:
1. (adj.) slang: wonderful; masterful; deeply satisfying.
2. (ad-vb.) East coast slang: very; really; totally.
3. (adj.) mischievous; playfully malicious; prankish.
4. (vb.) “to wick”: absorb; soak; set forth.


It’s all about the Cool Bed sheets.

What sizes are available?

Wicked Sheets come in all sizes that fit your bed! From Twin to CA King, crib, to pillow cases, we have all the sizes you need to start sleeping wicked tonight! Just click “Deep Pocket” when ordering your size to fit mattress depths that exceed 12″.

What colors are available?

We currently offer white Wicked Sheets, but will be launching our new “Breezy Beige” in mid-September!

What is the fabric type?

Our sheets are made of a 100% silkweight poly-blend.

What is the thread count?

Our sheets do not have a thread count because they are engineered with special poly fibers. We compare them to a 600-700 thread count sheets based on their luxurious feel.

Can I wash these sheets?

Yes! Wicked Sheets have very easy care instructions. Wash in cool water, do not use fabric softeners of any kind, and dry on low. No need to iron, these are wrinkle-free!