Frequently Asked Questions

So What Makes Wicked Sheets so "Cool"?

Wicked Sheets are made of 100% silk weight poly-fibers. Our fabric wicks away the moisture that your body creates, keeping you and your bed cool and dry while you sleep. Wicked Sheets have pores on one side, just like your skin, ensuring breath-ability and are silky on the side that touches your body. Our fabric is very similar to the athletic sportswear.

Thread count is out! It's the weave that matters.

That’s what we’re here for. Wicked Sheets wick 6 times more moisture than cotton sheets and at 4 times the absorption rate. Our technical fabric wicks away the moisture and sends it out to the drier surface areas of the bed leaving you and your “spot” cooler and dry.

What if I don't have night sweats? Will I like sleeping wicked?

Wicked Sheets can be enjoyed by all! Our luxurious fabric provides a comfortable sleeping temperature for sleepers of all styles.

What colors are available?

We currently offer Wicked White and Breezy Beige. We plan to add grey to the collection soon! The dying process is very difficult with this type of fabric; the darker the shade, the more dye required. And we don’t want anything to clog those pores, therefore decreasing the efficacy of the wicking properties.

Sleep. Sweat. Wash?

Yes! Wicked Sheets have very easy care instructions. We recommend washing in cool water and drying on low heat-just to be safe. Everyone’s systems are different. The only no-no is NO Fabric Softeners! The stickiness of the softeners clogs the pores of the fabric decreasing the wicking power of your sheets overtime. Oh, and no need to iron, our fabric is wrinkle-free!

What's in the name?

For us, wicked has always been a positive play on words! It has more than one meaning…and all are far from malice!

wicked meanings:

1. (adj.) slang: wonderful; masterful; deeply satisfying.
2. (ad-vb.) East coast slang: very; really; totally.
3. (adj.) mischievous; playfully malicious; prankish.
4. (vb.) “to wick”: absorb; soak; set forth.


At Wicked Sheets, we take pride in the exceptional quality of our handcrafted products. Our attention to detail in our products and to the needs of our customers is unyielding and so is our commitment to customer satisfaction. If you need to return an item, please contact us at to request a return label. Proof of purchase is required for a full refund.

Upon return of your item, your item will be inspected to ensure that it is correct and all pieces are accounted for. Once this is complete, your refund will be issued in full. Any taxes charged will be refunded in accordance with state laws. Shipping charges in AK, HI, and Canada or internationally are non-refundable, with the exception of mislabeled, damaged, or defective merchandise. We offer a one-time price adjustment for sales or discount codes when an original sales receipt or proof of purchase is presented within 30 days of delivery or purchase.

It's all about Cool Bed Sheets.

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