I sweat because…

Wicked Sheets provide a unique new solution to the age-old problem of night sweats.

Our fabric has been specifically designed for ultimate moisture control, breathability and superior comfort. Similar to athletic clothing, Wicked Sheets wick away moisture to keep you dry all night long.

Night sweats are a very common and very real problem for many people. Wicked Sheets were created so that those that experience this uncomfortable nightly nuisance can find relief and a cool spot to rest. While there are other reasons for people to have night sweats, some of the most common are listed below. Click on the reason that pertains to you to learn more about the science behind the seams.

> I have hyperhidrosis.
> I am going through menopause.
> I am a cancer-fighter.
> I am taking medications.
> I am pregnant.
> I am an athlete.

We have sheets down to a science.

Because we’re serious about sleep!

Wicked Sheets have been scientifically evaluated for purposes for testing their wicking ability. Results have shown Wicked Sheets are an effective solution for most problems associated with night sweats.

Sleep wicked tonight and sleep cool…sleep comfortably all night long!