Behind the Seams

Alli Truttman, owner and president of Wicked SheetsAlli Truttmann, creator of
Wicked Sheets, is an athlete
who suffers from night sweats.

The concept of Wicked Sheets originated out of the desire to experience a dry, cool and comfortable night’s sleep. By applying the same fabric technology found in athletic apparel to sheets, Wicked Sheets was born. This “smart” fabric concept has been helping others sleep more comfortable ever since.

Once Wicked Sheets was launched, we discovered that many types of people with medical conditions were also affected by night sweats, including women going through hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, and others that just sweat!

It became our mission to provide a luxury product that ensured a good, quality night’s sleep. Our fabric is light but durable, extremely breathable, and wicks moisture away all night long…making them the most wicked sheets you’ll ever get your hands on.