Wicked Thanks!

Wow, is it Friday already?! From website maintenance to tradeshow prep, acceptance into THE Kauffman FastTrac program to photoshoots and cinematography, Wicked Sheets has had one wicked good week!

If you know me personally, I’m sure you’ve heard me use the term “dénouement” before when I’m referring to the end of some dramatic or high energy event in my life.  Dénouement is an old French, or Elizabethian term that I learned in Mrs. Pickett’s high school English class many years ago, and I continue to use it any time I’m referring to a “smooth resolution” in my day or in my life.

As today is drifting into tomorrow, I thought what a better time than ever to turn this week’s blog into adénouement themed with gratitude and appreciation. One day I’ll go into detail about the many, many people that work “behind the seams” here at Wicked Sheets and recognize their individual efforts and conscientious hearts, but tonight I want to share with you one customer’s take on Wicked Sheets in particular. Because afterall, that’s why we’re here! To serve others.

I have had the privilege of serving a large number of customers over the past few years, each of which I attempt to reach out to on a personal level, either with a note in their sample request and email with questions regarding their overall impression, or just a simple note of “Thanks! How much do you love sleeping wicked?”. And more often than not, I’m greeted with satisfaction and feedback regarding either our great customer service or our great product (so proud to be able to say that, by the way!). But last week, I received an email, that literally brought me to tears. It wasn’t what Josh said in his 5 sentence email, but it was the power of his words. What he said, and what others have been saying, continue to reaffirm my mission in life and my mission for this company…do well by doing good.

Josh and I had communicated a few times via email to get Wicked Sheets to him in Australia, which I thank him for his patience and understanding on, but it wasn’t until I received his last email that it hit me; I’m helping people out there JUST like me! Not only did he say ”thanks for the sheets” but he also, just recently started a blog called www.sweatban.com to help people who share our unique disposition, offering product reviews and other interesting factoids about hyperhidrosis and night sweats. I believe his aim is to provide affordable alternatives and advice on sweat prevention and coping…which it should come at no surprise that he would post a review of none other than WICKED SHEETS! (insert annoying sales pitch here) :) I cannot thank Josh enough for HIS gratitude, which in turn, reaffirms MY gratitude and appreciation for customers like him.

When I started this company 4 years ago, I wanted to help people just like me that suffered from the discomfort and the hassle of suffering from night sweats. I had no idea what the power of helping people could do for my spirit, both entrepreneural and personally, but I have truly been bitten by that ”bug” and I never want to stop scratching! So tonight I want to thank all of you, friends, family, past, present, and future customers for helping me live out this wicked dream!

I was recently in Washington, D.C. with my boyfriend and as we were walking and talking about Wicked Sheets, we looked up and saw this storefront…a photo-opp was a MUST! And yes, I am pointing to both the sign and my “pitted out” armpit!  (*I know what you’re thinking….lucky guy, right?! Haha! ;) )

Thanks for reading tonight, as always, friends! Until we meet again…I hope that you’re all experiencing a wicked dénouement to the end of your week!

Sleep wicked!

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