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Case of the meat sweats?

Specific Dynamic Action, SDA. Thermic Effect of Food, TEF. Dietary Induced Thermogenesis, DIT. While these phrases and their acronyms may sound like something from the heat transfer section of your college physics textbook, they’re actually very common reactions to things we all do daily. Eat. As the temperature rises, the sun shines more brightly, and […]

bed races 2016 wicked sheets + girl scouts of kentuckiana at wicked sheets

Wicked Sheets, Girl Scouts, & a Bed Race

What happens when a partnership between a bedding company, the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana, and Boilermaker Local 40 comes to fruition? The best entry for the Kentucky Derby Festival’s annual Great Bed Races, that’s what! Wicked Sheets has sponsored the team. Our race vehicle is dubbed the Wicked Blurr. The annual Great Bed Races feature […]