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Feng Shui: Focus on the Senses

In the second part of this series, Dr. Krychman describes ways to use your senses to restore balance in your bedroom and allow for restorative sleep. Find part one here. Sight: What do you see? Unclutter the floors, desks and surfaces of dressers or wall units. A cluttered bedroom is confusing, stressful and can enhance anxiety. A cluttered […]

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Feng Shui Sexuality: Revitalize the bedroom to nurture yourself.

For this two part blog series, Dr. Krychman guest blogs on the positive influences of balance in the life and bedroom. What is Feng Shui? Why is this important in my bedroom? Feng Shui is part of an ancient sacred knowledge of Taoism and both Indian and Tibetan culture that reinforces the idea that environment influences our […]

national nutrition month with elizabeth flexing in white cooling bedding, night sweats and nutrition

National Nutriton Month: Eat. Sex. Sleep.

March, in addition to being Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, is National Nutrition Month. Dr. Krychman writes on the importance of three basic human needs. Last month, we wrote on the importance of healthy weight and sleep. — “Commit to these three vital human necessities,” writes Dr. Michael Krychman, “for National Nutrition Month: Eat! Sex! Sleep!” EAT: As […]