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Wicked Wisdom: Q&A with Breast Cancer Survivor Ann

Several times annually, we bring you stories of our customers, family, and friends on their experiences with night sweats and hot flashes as a result of myriad factors – menopause, hyperhidrosis, cancer treatments, etc. We’ve talked with our model Jean, about her experiences and breast cancer story, and CEO Alli has written about her own family […]

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Healthy Weight Week and Sleep

Want to snooze your way to a healthier weight? January is often considered the month of resolutions and bettering yourself. People join gyms, try to eat better, and (in our opinion should be!) trying to get a better night’s rest. This week is Healthy Weight Week. Celebrated nationwide, this week pushes not for fad diets […]

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Best Sweat Stories of 2017

Best Sweat Stories Sometimes we hear stories that touch our hearts for a brief moment and then we go on about our day –some are sweat stories, some are stories of rest and improved health. Then there are other times when someone shares their story with you and your life is changed forever. This year, […]