woman in bed surrounded by white pillows, early pregnancy and night sweats

Early Pregnancy and Night Sweats

This month, we’ve touched on toddlers and night sweats and the importance of balanced nutrition on night sweats. But, what about early pregnancy and night sweats? Night sweats can occur as soon as the first trimester of pregnancy — in fact, that is often when night sweats are at their worst. According to a study by […]

national nutrition month with elizabeth flexing in white cooling bedding, night sweats and nutrition

Night Sweats and Nutrition

We’ve written before on the impact being healthy can have on your sleep. March is, in addition to Colorectal Cancer Awareness, is National Nutrition Month.  The benefits exercise and proper nutrition have on health is common knowledge, but few know the benefits eating healthily can have on overall sleep. Night sweats and nutrition are more closely related than […]

Night sweats and withdrawals - are you getting enough sleep?

Kick Butts, Sleep Well and Sweat Less

Cigarette use over time has decreased significantly — though organizations still rally for the complete abatement over time. Kick Butts Day 2018 is “a national day of activism that empowers youth to stand out, speak up and seize control against Big Tobacco.” One surprisingly common symptom of both cigarettes and quoting smoking? Night sweats. Night sweats […]

Toddler and Night Sweats Sleeping in Wicked Sheets

Toddlers and Night Sweats

We have the market cornered for adults with night sweats — we’ve written pieces on night sweats and hot flashes from medicinal causes, from breast cancer, to colon cancer, to the benefits of cooler sleep for health and weight loss. Late last year, we added our Little Sleepers™ line for sweaty babies and toddlers. This line includes fitted […]