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12 ways to support local artists

Incorporating Local Art Into Your Business is Easy

At Wicked Sheets, we love local makers and know the valuable impacts creators in our community can have. We employ a local sewing team, local fulfillment operations and a local marketing and social media team. There are always hard working individuals and companies in your area – and reaching out to others for advice can […]

early pregnancy and night sweats

Night Sweats as Symptom of Early Pregnancy

Night sweats as symptom of early pregnancy One of the most consistently searched phrases on Google is night sweats as symptom of early pregnancy. A quick search reveals more than 1.7 million results. Wicked Sheets started more than a decade ago as a bedding company designed to combat uncomfortable sleeping conditions as a result of […]

night sweats and medicines

Night Sweats and Medicines | 2020 Update

Could your medicine be making you sweat? More than 120 million people suffer from night sweats and hot flashes around the globe – that’s 3% of people worldwide. Do you wake up to greasy bed head? Dehydration? Chapped lips? Do your pajamas go straight to the laundry and your sheets aren’t far behind? As you […]

hearing aid friendly masks, best masks for hearing aids kids and adults over a child with a hearing aid watching iphone

Hearing Aid Friendly Masks | Kids & Adults

Face masks, face masks, face masks. That is all we have been hearing and dealing with lately over here at Wicked Sheets. And I have to admit, I truly didn’t think we would be sitting here in mid-August and I would still be shipping hundreds of masks a day and having my sewing team make […]

online entrepreneurism, 2019 versus 2020 pictures of full classroom and empty classroom

Online Entrepreneurism 2019 vs 2020

This year has been a wild one. When it come to being an entrepreneur and growing a business, you have to be adaptable. Even more than entrepreneurship, the key today is online entrepreneurism. CEO Alli has a passion for helping others. Check out her piece below on what is normally a recap of her annual […]

Masks for kids, game on

Masks for Kids, with Sports and in School

This time last year, kids were filling shopping carts with baskets of pencils, binders and backpacks and bounding back to school. This year, schools are adjusting to hybrid or online-only schooling. For children, physical exercise is just as important as mental tasks to increase cognition. The CDC’s Physical Activity Guidelines recommends that children and adolescents […]

International Hyperhidrosis Society

International Hyperhidrosis Society | Can Sweat Spread COVID-19?

Check out this guest blog from the International Hyperhidrosis Society! Here at the International Hyperhidrosis Society, we focus on a full range of sweat topics. From excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) to the absence of sweating (anhidrosis), we strive to provide trustworthy, expert-derived information to keep you up-to-date and prepared. In that vein, we’re bringing you important information […]