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Frequently Asked Questions from a Wicked Consumer

Hello my sweaty friends! Sorry that it’s been a bit since I last posted, we’ve been busy winning awards in Louisville and building out our new marketing campaign designed especially for menopausal women-YAY! And yes, the rumors are true, I will be attending the North American Menopause Society annual meeting in Orlando in October to […]

Catch Some Wicked ZZZ’s with These Tips

Thank you David, for the inspiration, now on to the Wicked Sheets’ Top Ten Tips to Catching Wicked ZZZ’s: 10) Avoid caffeine, nicotine, or other stimulants, even aggressive television or video games at least 2 hours before bed. 9) If you must eat before bed, try something like Scottish oatmeal, red wine, or dark cherries […]

Wicked Night Sweats in Hotel Bedding…Ugh!

Hotels… You love them because that usually indicates that you’re traveling. You hate them because they aren’t “home”. I have the privilege of sharing my latest travel story with you today; as I recently just returned home from an amazing trip to London and Scotland. When you look back at the 7 hour flight and 4 […]

Idiopathic Hyperhidrosis

It’s no secret; I sweat. A lot. As you may have read before, I have a condition called Idiopathic Hyperhidrosis. Am I embarrassed?…hell no! You don’t start a company that’s dedicated to providing solutions for sweat if you’re not the sweatiest chick in the room, right? What credibility would I have then? As soon as […]

Behind the Seams: The Wicked Sheets Story

Around the holidays it seems that everyone is telling a story; whether it’s about that crazy relative who sends out a brag letter every year about their child being the smartest, most talented child on the planet, who is certain to become the next President of the United States, the new boy that your cousin […]