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Autoimmune Disorders & Night Sweats

At the first sign of the entrance of new bacteria or a virus, the body’s immune system immediately begins to work to eliminate the potential threats to your health. Symptoms of these frequently include fever and night sweats. However, in some cases, the immune system falsely identifies healthy cells as threats and works to eliminate […]

How does wicking work?

First, envision a gallon of sweat. That’s the maximum amount the human body can produce hourly. With regard to power consumption, that’s a production of 2.4 kilowatts an hour. Now, run your air conditioner. An average American’s central air system requires 1.2 kilowatts hourly. Human bodies have the ability to perspire hourly and produce enough power […]

Lymphoma & Night Sweats

Lymphoma survival rates have more than doubled from 40% in the 1960s to 88% today. In 2016, there are expected to be approximately 81,000 new cases diagnosed in the United States. Find more statistics on lymphoma and other cancers here. More than 500 lymph nodes exist in the human body, all interconnected via a network of […]

Meet Jean: Activist. Mother. Survivor.

Spotlight: Beating Cancer Wicked Sheets CEO Alli Truttmann talks often with satisfied customers all over the world. Below, however, are a few words from Alli on the customer story of a Louisville local, Jean. A few years ago, I was approached by my friend, Devan, who had recently learned of her mentor’s cancer diagnosis. Knowing Wicked […]