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Why are Wicked Sheets best?

So Why Are Wicked Sheets The Best? As temperatures rise, many of us begin to sweat at night but fortunately, May is Better Sleep Month and champions better, more restful sleep. As loyal Wicked Sheets readers know, we write often on the benefits of a better night’s sleep for everything from health benefits to weight loss. Last month was […]

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Is polyester safe to sleep on? The results are in!

Many wonder…is polyester safe? Read on to learn what we’ve been knowing for years… Of course polyester is safe! Polyester was invented in 1941 by a group of British scientists. Now, nearly 80 years later — it’s been further refined and is as safe as ever! At Wicked Sheets, we know the value of these […]

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Antiperspirants: 5 Falsehoods and Facts You Probably Don’t Know About!

The guest blog below is the last in the International Hyperhidrosis Society‘s first annual awareness month – and they’re covering myths about antiperspirants and sweat! We’ve previously included their posts on sweating at work, when situational sweat is serious, and how to control stress sweat! 5 Falsehoods and Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Antiperspirants…But […]

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National Prostate Health Month & Night Sweats

This week is all about Prostate Cancer and men’s health. September is National Prostate Health Month, in addition to Pediatric Cancer Month, too. Over the last decade, prostate cancer instances have dropped 6% each year and the mortality rate has dropped 3% during the same time period. These numbers are, in large part, due to […]

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Pediatric Cancer Month

Pediatric Cancer Month Annually, September is Pediatric Cancer Month. Across the country, organizations come together to raise awareness for the 42 families each day that receive a diagnoses that their child has cancer. More than just a difference in age, pediatric cancers, too, are treated differently and grow differently than in adults. Unlike cancers in […]