twelve sleeping positions at wicked sheets

Sleeper Styles, Decoded

At Wicked Sheets, we call it the bedroom hokey pokey. While it may sound nefarious, the bedroom hokey pokey actually involves night after night of legs in, legs out, tossing, and turning. Plaguing millions worldwide, overheating at night causes us to not get the restful sleep we need. We aim to end your game of […]

How to Reduce Allergens in the Bedroom

Allergies are characterized by an over-reaction of the immune system to certain substances, or “allergens” that are inhaled, eaten, injected, or touched. Symptoms include: sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose or throat, coughing, and skin rashes or hives ( Allergens in the home can be hiding in unexpected, hard to reach places and trigger asthma and […]

drying your bedding

Part Three: Dryers and Drying Bedding

“Low Heat Dry” The most widely used (and accepted) phrase on all fabric care labels. But why? It all goes back to our original discussion of “averages”. Every manufacturer has to be careful when giving instructions because they could potentially be at fault for damaged goods. And when advising in a careful manner, they base their […]

washing your bedding

Part Two: Washers and Washing Bedding

Ok, let us review the major steps from my General Care Instructions: Read the “Care Label” If necessary, separate bedding pieces to avoid damaging decorative edges or patterns. Pre-Wash. Separate bedding from all other laundry. Warm, gentle cycle. NO pouring detergent directly onto fabric. And NO fabric softener! Hang dry, or machine dry on LOW […]