Night Sweats and Irinotecan for March Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Night Sweats and Irinotecan

Reading About Night Sweats and Irinotecan? As we’ve written before here and here, drugs for the treatment of cancers often elicit night sweats and hot flashes — night sweats and Irinotecan are no exception. It was brought to market in 1998 and is sold under various names – Camptosar® by trade, as well as Camptothecin-11 and […]

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Donna’s Advice for Night Sweats and Cancer

“Night sweats, day sweats, it didn’t matter the time of day! Sweat would drip off my nose!” writes Donna. Below, find Donna’s responses to Alli about her cancer treatments, side effects, and how she stayed positive during her diagnosis.  Talking cancer with a close family member   1) When were you diagnosed and what was […]

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National Prostate Health Month & Night Sweats

This week is all about Prostate Cancer and men’s health. September is National Prostate Health Month, in addition to Pediatric Cancer Month, too. Over the last decade, prostate cancer instances have dropped 6% each year and the mortality rate has dropped 3% during the same time period. These numbers are, in large part, due to […]

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Pediatric Cancer Month

Pediatric Cancer Month Annually, September is Pediatric Cancer Month. Across the country, organizations come together to raise awareness for the 42 families each day that receive a diagnoses that their child has cancer. More than just a difference in age, pediatric cancers, too, are treated differently and grow differently than in adults. Unlike cancers in […]