breastfeeding and night sweats

Breastfeeding and Night Sweats

Check out CEO Alli’s blog below on a topic we haven’t covered much at Wicked Sheets – breastfeeding and night sweats! This problem is much more common than you think. In fact, breastfeeding and night sweats among Alli’s friends helped to spark the creation of our AAFA certified Little Sleepers line! Now that I’m at […]

Toddler and Night Sweats Sleeping in Wicked Sheets

Toddlers and Night Sweats

We have the market cornered for adults with night sweats — we’ve written pieces on night sweats and hot flashes from medicinal causes, from breast cancer, to colon cancer, to the benefits of cooler sleep for health and weight loss. Late last year, we added our Little Sleepers™ line for sweaty babies and toddlers. This line includes fitted […]

wicked sheets little sleepers at wicked sheets

You And Your Baby Will Sleep Well With Wicked Sheets

For those of you who don’t know — Wicked Sheets is headed west again! This time, we’re debuting our ‘little sleepers’ line of baby products — crib sheets, swaddle blankets, pregnancy pillows and more at In February, we were in Los Angeles for a celebrity gifting suite in celebration of the Oscars. Read Louisville Business […]