I was the hottest person in the room and in the bed. Susan Focke

Harbor Luxury Bedding excited to offer Wicked Sheets

Below is a Q&A with Harbor Luxury Bedding founder and CEO Susan and CEO Alli. Harbor Luxury Bedding is an online spot for the best bedding. Susan was diagnosed with fibromyalgia almost two decades ago. Fibromyalgia and night sweats are extremely common – many experience night sweats and exhaustion.

“After an initial ‘flu’ diagnosis, which lasted several weeks (in May 1990), my legs began to ache terribly. And my friends started asking me why I was limping all the time,” shares Susan Focke of Florida. “I had long tried to solve the “achy leg” problem and started to connect the neck pain and head aches to the regular pain cycles. I always thought that I had somehow injured my neck and back because of constant ‘overdoing it’ personality type. But that wasn’t the underlying problem. It was an aggravation, but not the diagnosis.”

“Along with the revolving door of pain, I began to sleep less and less and I started to feel like something terrible was wrong with me.”

Does this story sound familiar? Are the symptoms hitting too close to home? Do you think fibromyalgia and night sweats could be impacting you? If so, keep reading.

“My family doctor quickly concluded (without any testing) that my overactive lifestyle and the fact that I was getting older were the root of my problems. ‘But I was only 46’, I thought to myself? As the internet became more popular in 1998, I found myself in an online chatroom called ‘Women’s Health Chatroom’ and I began asking if they too had legs that ached, back problems, nagging neck pain, headaches, and trouble sleeping. And sure enough, one person quickly answered, ‘You have Fibromyalgia like me!’.

What is Fibromyalgia?

“That same family doctor actually told me that that diagnosis was for lazy people. And I was far from lazy! So no fibro for me, I thought. Back to the internet I went and researched more and more about my symptoms and even called my local Arthritis Foundation for a referral. I received a list of physicians and one of them had a big red star marked by his name. He was the rheumatologist that I was meant to see!”

“He ran all of the usual tests: arthritis, Lyme disease, thyroid, etc., but it all came down to the physical “Tender Points” test that I failed 100%. He said, ‘I think you already know your diagnosis, Susan.’ So finally, there was a name for what I was suffering from and with that came relief; I finally knew what was wrong with me.” Susan’s diagnosis of fibromyalgia came on February 12, 1998, eight years after being diagnosed with the flu.

I was so honored that Susan shared her story with me. And the amazing thing that resulted from her quest for an answer and a plan for a better quality of life is that Susan found Wicked Sheets. And she is now proudly carrying them in her online store, Harbor Luxury Bedding (www.harborluxurybedding.com).

How did your journey to starting Harbor Luxury Bedding begin? Fibromyalgia and night sweats.

“I soon learned that if the sleeplessness wasn’t address then my symptoms would grow worse.”

What does every health professional always say? Sleep is the root of everything! And good sleep can help cure everything from the common cold to chronic illness. So I was pleased to hear that Susan began to focus on creating a better sleep environment for herself to address those issues.

“I bought numerous pillows, blankets, and sheet sets while watching infomercials and QVC when I’d wake up in the middle of the night. I was on a mission to get some sleep, whether it was good or not! I had a linen closet full of light blankets, heavy blankets, and everything in between. I tried pillows made from every fiber you can imagine and sheets that seemed soft and wonderful…until I washed them.”

“I was still the hottest person in the room and in our bed; that combined with my tossing and turning I felt like a human burrito wrapped in terrible sheets.”
“The search was on! I found that cotton sheets were not the answer for me. Bamboo and man-made fibers were cool, wrinkle-free, and the very best for me, however, I kept hearing about others liking organics and linens. So, I asked myself, ‘Why couldn’t I find a variety of the best sheet sets to offer for everyone and save them the 8 years it took me to find comfort?!’ It was with this thought that I started Harbor Luxury Bedding.

Fibromyalgia and night sweats is a common question. We talk often of night sweats at various medical conditions and causes, from the medicines you take, to autoimmune disorders to night sweats and PTSD and more. As always, consult a doctor with any medical questions or concerns. Sleep well, sleep wicked!

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