Frequently Asked Questions from a Wicked Consumer

Hello my sweaty friends! Sorry that it’s been a bit since I last posted, we’ve been busy winning awards in Louisville and building out our new marketing campaign designed especially for menopausal women-YAY! And yes, the rumors are true, I will be attending the North American Menopause Society annual meeting in Orlando in October to learn, sell, and sweat (in fear of beginning my own battle with “the change”). 🙂

If you are interested in attending or learning more about the meeting, visit this site and get excited!

So let’s cut to the chase and get talking about Wicked Sheets! After all of the presentations that I have recently given in the competitions in Louisville and to a few others in surrounding cities, I’ve learned that most people are asking the same questions about either the product OR the company. My hope is that in this post I can answer a few of those “frequently asked questions” (some of which wouldn’t be appropriate for the site-tee hee!).

  1. Where does the sweat go?

    Great question! Short answer: it is absorbed into the fabric and evaporates so that you don’t feel it on your body. If you want the long answer, email me and we’ll have a chit-chat about surface area, poly-channels, and wick-ability.

  2. What if I don’t sweat? Will I still like them?

    Absolutely! They are so silky smooth and wrinkle-free that anyone who likes to sleep in comfort would like to sleep wicked. However, they were designed for people who suffer from night sweats so they are more apt to make a change and start sleeping wicked!

  3. Are there any special washing instructions?

    “Sleep. Sweat. Wash.” That’s my motto and that’s why I put it on the tag in just those words. However, it is also listed on the tag to avoid fabric softener. Softeners tend to be sticky and can clog the pores of the fabric, just like your skin, so we recommend avoiding using them to keep the wicking ability at it’s utmost effectiveness. Additionally, wash your sheets once every 1-2 weeks. Health institutions like the FDA and NIH recommend washing your bedding once a week, but not because of the sweat, because of the trillions of skin cells that you shed while you sleep. My apologies if that grosses you out, but it’s real life folks…all the cool kids are shedding skin cells!

  4. What’s the difference between standard pocket and deep pocket sheets?

    What’s the difference between standard pocket and deep pocket sheets? Another great question! We only list it on our site in a few places, so I will be sure to put that on the checkout page just to make sure that you order accurately. We want your Wicked Sheets to fit your bed perfectly! Standard mattress depths are from 10-12″. Deep pocket mattresses measure anywhere between 13-18″. We have even fit mattresses up to 22″ before. So don’t worry-if your mattress exceeds 18″ deep just email me and we’ll get you fixed up!

    *If you have no idea how to measure the depth of your mattress watch this:

    (I don’t know SheetsUSA but they can thank me later for the props on their company’s video)

That’s all she wrote for me today, sleepers. If you have any additional questions PLEASE don’t hesitate to email me or call 1.855.594.2533

Until then, sleep wicked! – A