men's health and night sweats

Men’s Health and Night Sweats: Why am I sweating?

June is Men’s Health Month — and the week leading to Father’s Day is Men’s Health Week! At Wicked Sheets, we know sweat, health and sleep. This month, and always, we keep readers up to date on men’s health and night sweats. We’ve written before on the impact being healthy can have on your sleep and even talked with CEO Alli’s Dad about how he uses cycling to stay active.

The first step is determining the cause of your night sweats. When asked the question about night sweats, we’re here to tell you — the causes are endless, but discernible. Many times, people don’t realize sweat is an issue until cooler temperatures arrive. When one becomes unable to use outside temperatures to explain the sweat, they dig deeper. Don’t spend your summer evenings in a puddle! Men’s health and night sweats shouldn’t be overlooked, and sweating can be caused by a number of factors:

  1. Poor nutrition
  2. Smoking and smoking cessation
  3. Medicinesmedicines or medicines
  4. Anxiety
  5. Hyperhidrosis

The newest addition to the Wicked Sheets line is our Sweat Shammy. Perfect for Dads who love to grill (look out for those meat sweats!), work in the yard, run or cycle —  this towel replaces your old microfiber or terry cloth cotton towel, keeping you cool and dry — and wicking all that summer sweat away. Plus, its quick dry technology is the same found as in our certified bedding products.

Men’s health and night sweats

No matter what time of year it is when you read this (but, especially if it’s in the heat of the summer!) be sure to take your health seriously and be mindful of the sweating. We all know that when you exercise, you sweat — but be sure to dig deeper than that if it seems excessive. Am I sweating because of an underlying health problem? Am I sweating because it’s hotter outside? Did I have a change in my diet, energy and activity levels? When it comes to men’s health and night sweats – you know your body! As always, sleep well, sleep wicked.


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