Public relations, in itself, is a difficultly defined behemoth. The instantaneous age in which we live means that PR is ever changing and that customers and clients must always have a direct line of communication. Furthermore, it takes a combination of work from employees and from consumers to create growth. For Wicked Sheets, public relations and general media management are two of our biggest assets to driving connections with customers and retaining them.

In February, we went coastal. Wicked Sheets was invited to take part in a gifting suite honoring the Academy Awards™ in Los Angeles on the eve of the Oscars. Over a busy few hours, we interacted with hundreds of celebrity attendees and connected with several notable individuals.

One of the biggest misconceptions in the world of public relations and media as a whole, we’ve found, is the idea of immediacy mixed with the patience to endure a slow media rollout. While that sounds contradictory, we’ve spent the last four months maintaining contact with our attendees and ensuring we had timely and relevant posts pertaining to events in the interim between their own postings about us. We’ve used the media we attained on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In fact, just last week, media from one of our favorite connections went live and, as a result, we gained the recognition that any company hopes for. In our booth at the suite, we brought our new Wicked-Cool™ mattress and gave it, along with a set of sheets, to notable LA lifestyle blogger, choreographer, and media personality Megan Batoon. Between her touring schedules and post cycles, her blog about our sheets and mattress went live at the beginning of May.

In addition to meeting Ms. Batoon, we met with many other celebrities that’re now wicked converts, ranging in age from 17 to 70, from Vine stars to stars from the silver screen. Though we were only in Los Angeles for five days, we’ll be using our connections for many, many months to come.

When it comes to public relations, we’ve learned to never underestimate its importance or its speed in creating conversions. Don’t be discouraged when one doesn’t awaken overnight to millions of social media followers and thousands of orders after an interaction with a key influencer. Our growth has been steady since our attendance at the Oscars and will continue in the months to follow as a result of the way we approach engagement. Rather than focus solely on one channel, we use a combination of platforms and outlets with carefully curated content for each to maximize our business visibility.