Nearly a year to the day of our whirlwind, celebrity filled weekend Los Angeles celebrating the Oscars, CEO Alli writes on our experiences, what we learned, and where we’re headed next. Check it out.


Disclaimer: I said I was going to write this a year ago. Shannon Cogan, my apologies for not sending my follow up after attending the Gifting Suite. As you can imagine, life as an entrepreneur has been a bit crazy and oh, so very exciting since we spent the weekend out in Hollywood. With this weekend being our year anniversary since the big event, I wanted to share a few takeaways:

Celebrities are human too. In fact, they sweat.

Listen, I run a bedding company for people who suffer from night sweats, so I’m quite comfortable with the bodily fluid talk. What I was so thrilled to know is that when celebrities rounded the corner and saw our bedroom they all had the same reaction: Shock. Awe. Guilty smile. Ask for a “feel” and a sample.