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On St. Valentine’s Day Get Wicked Between the Sheets

A guest piece by Dr. Krychman gives Valentine’s Day advice for all you lovebirds out there.

Valentine’s day is upon us!  Time for sugary treats, candy, flowers, romance and sensuality!  It is the time of the year to pay special attention to our lovers.

This special day of romance and sexuality that is named for the Christian martyr and is thought to date back to the 5th century and has its origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.

Spice up this Valentine’s day with a nice wicked time between the sheets. Here is a quick recipe to engage your love one in a special sexual romp on the 14th!


Set the stage for serenity and sexual beauty.  Clear the clutter from the bedroom and make it a peaceful sexual place.  New silky sheets, that are comfortable, are a must! Create a calm environment: remove distractions like pictures, clothing on the floor and electronics.  Try shopping for a sensual massage oil, aromatherapy candle and some sexy negligée and boxers.


Set the stage for a wickedly sexy evening.  Call in favors with the baby sitters or anticipate putting the kids to bed early.  Plan the evening.  Set the agenda.  Get the candles ready and set meal menu. Plan a rose pedal bath together!


Expand your hum drum sexual repertoire and consider buying some new sexual accessories. Try a self-stimulator, or some new lubricant. If you are very adventurous consider tapping into your wild side- maybe a tickler feather or some furry handcuffs- a silk tie can even be useful! New books or a video may come in handy too

Pen to Pad:

Everyone enjoys getting a personalized note or romantic card with some thoughtful comments.  Try a blank card this year and spend some time putting your thoughts down on paper!


Invite your partner a few days in advance and let the anticipation smolder!  A secret note or an inviting text always is appreciated. Do not forget the traditional gifts too- chocolate covered strawberries or flowers to finish off the evening.

You have prepared, planned, penned a special note. It’s time to participate in the PASSION!

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