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At the core of Wicked Sheets is the desire to help people get the rest they deserve. While sleep is paramount to our business, we like to highlight other companies that are also helping people feel better and recover more quickly.

After examining options from around the country, we were pleased to discover a St. Louis company whose mission is to curate packages for recovering loved ones that are as useful as they are thoughtful. Founded by Kathleen and Katie, their friendship began over an intersection of their children and flourished into a business and support network.

Kathleen, her four children, and her husband discovered that a rare genetic mutation was the root of their health issues. Both Kathleen and her four children’s genes contain the mutation. From the onset of her total gastrectomy (complete removal of the stomach), Kathleen created and used what would become her Recovery Bound Journal™ to manage the stresses, anxiety, and large amounts of information that came with her diagnosis.

In the decade that followed her gastrectomy, Kathleen has undergone an appendectomy, bilateral mastectomy (with reconstruction), oophorectomy and a hysterectomy. She is both a self-proclaimed ‘-Ectomy Queen’ and leads a very healthy, active life. Watch Kathleen’s family on their journey here.

Katie was marketing director for a global corporation, ran a consulting business, and took the position of Advancement Director at a private Catholic, girls’ high school. After her four children went to college, her and her husband took their empty nest mentality and focused their energies, along with Kathleen, into building a business with the ideas central to them—helping people recover quickly and with the support of their loved ones.

“Katie and Kathleen have designed Send Well Wishes gift packages to offer a thoughtful alternative to the traditional, but not always practical, gifts of food or flowers for recovering loved ones.  Choose from a variety of adult or child, male or female packages, to provide a combination of uniquely personal and practical items that extend comfort and care to those experiencing an extended medical stay. Optional add-on items allow you to personalize your gift even more.”

We’re proud to showcase a company whose values align so closely to our own. To order your own package for a family member, friend, or love one, visit

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