A third of life is spent asleep. On average, approximately 26 years. However, more than a third of Americans aren’t getting enough rest nightly. Thus, May brings us Better Sleep Month. Dedicated to maximizing sleep hygiene, this nationwide initiative seeks to inform about the benefits of proper sleep and the detriments that come from a lack of rest.

During the month of May, we’ll be blogging on different aspects of sleep. The basics, ways to maximize your sleep hygiene, how little sleep can bring on the night sweats, and sleep and menopause. Using data from our website sleep surveys, we’ll be touching on everything from preferred sleep positions of our sweatiest sleepers to the influence of your mattress and bedding.

Age and life stage are the primary guides for the amount of necessary sleep. As you rest, your brain recharges, your cells repair, and hormones are released that help balance your body systems. How much sleep you need? This National Sleep Foundation graphic shows you just that.

national sleep foundation recommended sleep times newborns need most at 14-17 hours and adults need between 7-9 hours

Sleep is vital in developmental stages and as you age, you require less sleep. Check back weekly for our updates on how to sleep better all month, year, and lifelong. As always, sleep well, sleep wicked.