Let ’em breathe, baby: Eliminate excess layers pronto!

Do the phrases “warm and toasty” or “thick wool” or “fleece-lined” make you cringe as much they do me? In my sleeper story book, all of those phrases have one dreaded ending…more heat! And what do we know about more heat if you’re suffering from hyperhidrosis or menopause… more heat = more sweat!

Here at Wicked Sheets, we obviously know about sweat/night sweats and their multiple medical causes, but the one thing that most people over look when they are trying to enhance their sleeping environment is the comforter (insert dramatic music here).  The quickest fix is eliminating excess layers! Yep, that means no more flat sheet, then thin quilt or Velux®, and then a comforter (for aesthetics) on top. Three layers is just too much! I suggest having a lighter, thinner coverlet or quilt for summer and a second heavier comforter for colder, winter nights.

The most important factoid to remember when choosing your top layer is the fabric. If you’re sleeping on Wicked Sheets, we recommend another polyester blend that is light-weight and allows the pores of the fabric to breathe while you’re getting sweaty underneath. If you are feeling warmer sleeping in Wicked Sheets, examine what you’re putting on top of your flat sheet. If it is a down-comforter, heavy wool, or fleece-lined, remove it immediately and turn your air down to 68°; your bed is probably a hot box right now and you’ll never experience the cooling or breathability any sheet, much less Wicked Sheets.

Also remember, turning on your fan will increase air-flow in and around your room. You’ll especially be able to feel this added air-flow through the pores of Wicked Sheets…one of my favorite benefits of sleeping wicked! And my one other quick fix is keep a cool glass of water on your night stand. If you wake up mid-night-sweat and you’re as frustrated as I, that sudden refreshing sip of water generally serves as an instant calmer.

So what did we learn here today, folks? No heavy layers on top of your sheets! Wools, fleeces, and downs are your enemies if you are suffering from night sweats or are a naturally hot sleeper. Matching the fabrics of your sheets to the fabrics of your top layer is the best bet to keep you the coolest. Just let ‘em breathe baby!

Until next time, sleep wicked!