Top 5 Must-Have Cooling Gifts (2018)

It happens every year. You’re standing in the aisle at Target or scrolling through and you ask yourself, “What do I get this person?” Don’t worry, we’ve got a cooling gift for everyone on your list.

I’m here to tell you – a cooling gift works. In fact, if you’re not giving a cooling gift to your loved one this season, you should both prepare for a long, hot winter full of crankiness and sleepless nights.

Ok, it won’t be that bad. But really, check out these amazing cooling products that I personally use and think that your next gift recipient will absolutely love.

My Top 5 Picks:

eLuxurySupply Cooling Top Mattress Pad with Bedskirt

If I get one consistent question a day at Wicked Sheets, it’s “What type of Mattress Pad do you recommend?” Trust me, I’ve tried 10’s of 100’s of pads and not found one that holds true to its comfort + cooling promise. Oh, and added bonus, our friends over at eLuxury are handmaking these at their factory in Evansville, Indiana. Gotta love local!

Wicked Sheets Moisture-Wicking + Cooling Bed Sheet Set
obvious choice.

How could we resist? We have spent years developing this technology and perfecting our fit and feel. When it comes to cool sheets, there’s really no better option on the market.

Hot + Cold Gel Eye Mask

Prone to facial flushing or excessive head sweating while you sleep? This little guy is the ticket! I keep mine in the freezer and it’s so soft, never too cold against my skin when I need a quick cool down.

Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray

There is a lotion version of this as well, but we do not advise putting lotion on before bed if you’re experiencing night sweats. Use this mist instead right before bed or if you wake up having a hot flash and it will give you instant coolness. *I keep mine in my night stand for easy access.

Vick’s Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Humidifier

A lot of our customers have told us that their night sweats are worse while on medication or during cold and flu season. If you have a virus and are feeling stopped up, adding a humidifier is a proven nighttime sleep aide. I love this one from Vick’s because it’s quiet and the menthol mist is extremely soothing.

I hope this helps you check a few people off of your gift list this year – I know that if I were to receive any of these I’d be forever grateful. Because after all, the better sleep is the gift that keeps on giving.

Sleep wicked, friends!