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Why are Wicked Sheets best?

So Why Are Wicked Sheets The Best?

As temperatures rise, many of us begin to sweat at night but fortunately, May is Better Sleep Month and champions better, more restful sleep. As loyal Wicked Sheets readers know, we write often on the benefits of a better night’s sleep for everything from health benefits to weight loss. Last month was our celebration of a decade in business and today we’re outlining the reasons that Wicked Sheets are the proven solution for night sweats and hot flashes — or for anyone who wants a cool and dry sleep environment, all night long. Why are Wicked Sheets best? Read on to find out.

Our Original Moisture-Wicking line was the world’s first certified performance bedding by the Asthma and Allergy Friendly certification program. Our certification joined our company with the ranks of other companies like 3M, Dyson, Stanley Steamer and Mercedes-Benz. After months of rigorous testing in their independent labs in Ireland, our products were certified as better for people with asthma and allergies. Read more on our certification here.

In recent months, many in the cotton industry have championed cotton as the safer, more effective solution to bedding and attempted to show that cotton is more environmentally friendly. That’s simply not true — and the data shows our polyester and polyester and nylon blend bedding is scientifically engineered to keep you cool and dry all night long, and is produced in a fashion that is more environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Other brands of moisture-wicking and cooling bedding exist — and we outperform them day in and out. Other companies like Sheex and PeachSkin use fabrics with a four-way stretch — however, our tw0-way fabrics’ stretch is moveable enough to remain breathability but not so much that they often slip off the bed or move around during sleep as others can. We know Wicked Sheets tw0-way stretch is the most conducive to quality rest.

We offer free shipping in the continental USA and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is unmatched — that’s why our repeat customer rate is triple the eCommerce average and our return rate is less than 1/4 of the eCommerce average!

Try Wicked Sheets. You won’t be disappointed. To sleep well, you have to sleep wicked.

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