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Best Sweat Stories of 2017

Best Sweat Stories

Sometimes we hear stories that touch our hearts for a brief moment and then we go on about our day –some are sweat stories, some are stories of rest and improved health. Then there are other times when someone shares their story with you and your life is changed forever. This year, we had two such experiences in our office.

Night sweats, hot flashes, and other bodily functions are topics that people typically do not like to talk about. Because of this, we rarely have many people posting their “sweat stories” on our social media channels, and sometimes our customers never tell us why they sought out Wicked Sheets in the first place. Although we want to know all of the how’s and why’s of what makes a Wicked Sheets customer sleep wicked, we understand and respect each customer’s privacy.

Chronic Myeloid Lymphoma and Wicked Sheets

In June, we received an email from a woman who had recently received a diagnosis of terminal chronic myeloid lymphoma (a cancer a lot of our customer’s have because its treatment often elicits night sweats). Due to her declining health, her fiancé had given up his full-time job to become her full-time caregiver. Due to their inability to work and with their ever-increasing hospital bills, their home was near foreclosure and they were struggling financially. “We left lucrative careers, have been drowning in medical bills, and have cut all non-urgent expenses,” she shared in her original email.

It was at the advice of her physician at MD Anderson in Texas, that she may want to invest in a set of Wicked Sheets to help her stay more comfortable near the end of her life, as her symptoms would likely worsen. Being the amazing woman that she is, when she reached out to us via email it wasn’t to request the sheets for herself during her time of need. No. It was so that she could surprise HIM after she was gone, for he was a “true lover of nice sheets”.

We instantly responded to her and were fortunate enough have an email exchange in which she shared her cancer journey. This young woman’s resilience and positive attitude as she fought a terminal diagnosis, after being newly engaged has forever touched our lives and reaffirmed our company’s mission. Our team unanimously decided to pitch in and purchase a set to send her and her fiancé in Florida. We kept up with them until a few months ago when the hurricanes hit, but haven’t gotten a note since. I pray that their family is safe and healthy, wherever this life has taken them!

PTSD and Wicked Sheets

The second most influential sweat story of this year comes from a retired Army solider that is suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). His wife invested in Wicked Sheets to help him cope with night sweats because of night terrors. Night terrors are causing him to relive his time spent in combat and, thus, increase physiological distress during sleep. Unfortunately, this is a story that we hear all too often from our PTSD customers – like Heather, who we’ve blogged about before.

The unique part of his story, however, is that his Wicked Sheets helped him even more after he had knee surgery. A lot of our customers find comfort in Wicked Sheets when they are bedridden post-surgery, but in this instance, our solider reported that he found it easier to slide in and out of bed with his stabilized knee due to the silkiness of the sheets and that they didn’t tangle around him like others he’d tried before.

When his wife called me the other day to report these findings, I was elated! Of course we want to help people sleep better due to decreased waking from wet bedding, but what an amazing added bonus that they are helping this very deserving solider move better in and out of his bed while he rehabilitates.

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