March is colon cancer awareness month

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, with Dr. Krychman

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Dr. Krychman opens March with a post on the importance of rest and recovery for cancer sufferers.

Cancer fatigue can be severe and debilitating.  After surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy you may be feeling drained. It may be time to listen to your recovering body.  Sleep and relaxation are a vital component to a comprehensive survivorship care plan.  Sleep is one of the most important bodily functions for nurturing your soul, and it helps your brain and body recover.

Try yoga, mindfulness or Tai Chi to ease stress and help your brain and body relax. Perhaps listening to some soothing music before bedtime and avoid excessive stimulation will also help. White light from iPads, cellphones or computers can be harmful to a good night’s rest. Some people enjoy quiet classical music and feel that it will quiet your brains’ thoughts and may even help uplift your mood. Consider a sound machines to create some background noises. Create a comfortable peaceful room with new silky linen, dark black out shades. Revamping the wall color may also be helpful.  Schedule sleep.  Look at your calendar and cancel those early morning calls. Try to decrease your commitments and block out your schedule. Pledge 6-8 hours per night for restful slumber.

Your brain, body and soul will be thankful! Sleep for successful survivorship.

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