A Tale of Holiday Night Sweats

Twas the night before the party and all through the house,
Not a creature is stirring, except me and some mouse.

While he’s scavenging for food, I lay awake in my bed.
As the sweat just keeps rolling off the top of my head!

From my knees, my arms, my stomach, it’s no matter.
I jump to my feet and the sweat seems to splatter.

I’m soaked, I’m mad, and I’m tired you see.
I should to be asleep, yet I’m awake as can be.

I strip off my soaked nightgown, and change the soaked sheets.
I don’t care if my family freezes I¹m turning OFF the heat.

“Go ahead and put me on the naughty list,” I say in a huff.
“I’m going back to bed, this time in the buff.”

I find myself wishing – no PRAYING for snow,
Just to throw myself in it, that would be quite the show!

My mind wants to sleep, but there’s no sleep in sight.
The sweat just keeps coming, assuring a long night.

To take my mind off this very soaked bed,
I begin to think wardrobe for the party ahead.

I can’t wear that red dress for the attention it brings.
Not due to the style, but more from the sweat rings.

So, on to the black dress, the white dress, or just patterns galore
To hide my underarm sweatiness which I so desperately deplore!

I’m still sweating and miserable and now sleep deprived.
I just want some comfort, but the hot flashes have arrived!

Ah, hot flashes and night sweats, WHAT MORE COULD I WANT?
How about a few hours of dry sleep with no wetness to haunt?

Wait, shhhhh… what’s all that clatter?
I head down the stairs to see what¹s the matter.

Who is that jolly old man dressed in red velvet and sash?
With his cheeks all rosy-it must be a hot flash!

“Ho, ho, ho,” he laughs, as he pulls a gift for me from his heap.
“These are for you my dear. They’ll help you to sleep.”

“They’re Wicked Sheets, to keep you dry and cool throughout the night.”
“It’s a holiday miracle!” I scream with delight.

He waves with a wink, and says with a smile,
“I’m off to give Wicked Sheets in holiday style.”

As I wrap myself in Wicked comfort that’s mine to keep,
I hear him shout with a chuckle, “Happy holidays to all, and to all Wicked good sleep!”