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Customer Perspectives: Night Sweats & PTSD

Wicked Sheets CEO Alli receives emails from customers all over the world. In the middle of June, we received one of our most powerful emails to date from a husband and wife in Texas describing their recent experience with our bedding. Their story was so powerful we wanted to dedicate a posting to their kind words about our products, as well as thank him for his service.

As we discussed in great detail in our previous blog, June is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month. Our blog, found here, includes information about PTSD and a fifteen-minute video interview with Louisville psychologist Dr. Kevin Chapman who speaks on the disorder, tips, and treatments.

As any conscious consumer should, she describes her lengthy sheet search and her research on reviews of our bedding. After several days, she ordered her and her husband a set of moisture wicking sheets.

Her email begins with their first night sleeping wicked. Though she was admittedly a bit sleepy when her husband rolled over after waking up, she clearly remembers him saying, “These sheets really work!” A disabled vet, her husband retired after fourteen years in the Army and 3 deployments to Iraq. While serving abroad, his experiences left him with PTSD and a Traumatic Brain Injury.

Struggling most at night from “flashbacks, reoccurring dreams, and unmanageable sweating,” he perspires most where his heavy gear was, mainly his upper torso and head. According to her, “when I say sweats, I mean soaks the sheets, pillows, and on a really bad night, comforter.” Even after being sick multiple times during the night and taking showers to “reset his brain,” he returned to a dry bed and woke up dry.

In an other email last week, she added, “I will say that every morning for the last three weeks, my husband has been up about 3am, sick from nightmares. Even after getting over the hump, he climbs back in bed, we snuggle for five minutes, (before one of our kids wakes us up!) and he always says how well the sheets work. We are huge supporters of this brand.”

While she ends her email with, “I am beyond thankful for your company and this product,” it’s us who are thankful for his service and for her unwavering support. All of us at Wicked Sheets are glad we’re able to be a small part in keeping the both of them cool and dry all night long.

If you or someone you know is dealing with symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), get help here.

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