Coping was easy beacuase of unwavering support. It kept me positive and feeling very blessed.

Meet Jean: Activist. Mother. Survivor.

Spotlight: Beating Cancer

Wicked Sheets CEO Alli Truttmann talks often with satisfied customers all over the world. Below, however, are a few words from Alli on the customer story of a Louisville local, Jean.

A few years ago, I was approached by my friend, Devan, who had recently learned of her mentor’s cancer diagnosis. Knowing Wicked Sheets and the fact that a lot of our customers were either beating or had just beaten cancer, Devan wanted to pass on the wicked love to her friend. She assumed Jean would most likely be suffering from night sweats during treatment.

Obviously, I love that Devan thought of us for her friend, but moreover, I was thrilled to hear that we would have the opportunity to help someone so valuable in the Louisville community get the restorative sleep she would need during her battle to beat cancer.

Meet Jean. Jean is a local rockstar. If you haven’t heard about her yet in Louisville, you’re missing out.

Jean is the President of OPERATION: Parent, an organization dedicated to providing on-going education, support, and hope to those raising teens and pre-teens in today’s culture. As a former volunteer at a local high school, Jean became acutely aware of the pressures that both teens and their parents face during adolescence. And as a mother of three herself, Jean knew that she could help families address and cope with the pressures of drugs, sex, violence, and mental health concerns and thus created OPERATION: Parent.

Similar to the other female cancer fighters I know, when Jean learned of her breast cancer diagnosis she didn’t let it beat her from the moment she heard the word “mastectomy”. She kept on working, mothering, and nurturing her relationships with her husband, family, and friends. After a “mere” bilateral mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, four chemotherapy treatments, loss of all of her hair, and a hysterectomy, we can now proudly say that Jean kicked cancer’s butt!

I kept up with Devan to get updates on Jean and OPERATION: Parent and continued to fall in love with her story and her spirit. When it came time to do our photo shoot for Wicked Sheets last Fall, I decided that it was most important for us to showcase our ACTUAL customers; people who were experiencing or had experienced…night sweats! Of course, I called Jean. All of her hair had grown back, she was hotter than ever, and I just knew that she couldn’t say no viagra en pharmacie vente.

So, now you know her story and when you see that beautiful blonde, short-haired model on our site snuggled up in Wicked Sheets, you know that’s Jean. She kind, tough, and smart…the most lethal of combinations. Thanks for letting us share Jean’s story with you.

Read Jean’s interview regarding cancer treatment and how to cope, here.

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