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National Sleep Week (2019) Recap

National Sleep Week Recap:

What a whirlwind education extravaganza we had at Wicked Sheets last month, as we celebrated National Sleep Awareness Week. In case you missed it, we traveled around the region doing Live interviews with our favorite sleep experts. Each FOW (Friend of Wicked) shared their sleep expertise in the following subject matters:

Day One of Sleep Week – The Importance of Cooling Products in the Bed with Donna Durham, MMFT and CEO of Weighting Comforts

  • Cooling fabrics and a cool sleep environment promote better quality of sleep because your body doesn’t have to work so hard in order to decrease your body temperature and cool itself.
  • Weighted blankets are great for people who suffer from anxiety, as the added weight calms the body and puts it in a better state to induce sleep.
  • Airflow and breathability are important in all bedding environments to promote good hygiene.

Day Two of Sleep WeekPediatric Sleep Tips and Safe Crib Sleep with Maggie Moore, CEO of

  • A – Alone in the crib or bassinet
  • B – Back sleeping position
  • C – Cool, dry, and *clear crib

*Meaning, the only thing in the crib should be your baby and a cool, dry crib sheet!

Day Three of Sleep WeekSleep Hygiene and Sleep Environment with Dr. Elizabeth Nicholson, MD

  • “Sleep Hygiene” refers to practices and routines that will get you sleeping better throughout the night and leave you feeling alert in the daytime.
  • “Sleep Environment” refers to the sights, sounds, and bedding that make up your nighttime nesting place.
  • Mental health and sleep have a bi-directional relationship; meaning if your mental health is suffering, it is likely that your sleep hygiene is too. However, if you can fix your sleep habits, your mental health will also receive those benefits.
  • Learn more here.

Day Four of Sleep WeekYoga your way to Better Sleep with Elizabeth Cooper Spears and Brittany Swan, 200+hr RYT

  • Practicing yoga and/or stretching every day, morning and night, will promote mental and bodily calmness.
  • The Five Tibetan Rites are quick, easy ways to ease into your yoga practice – perfect for beginners! Elizabeth walks us through each move step-by-step in this video.
  • Breathing is as important as the poses themselves; by focusing on your breath you can reduce stress and anxiety, which oftentimes lead to increased sweat production.

Day Five of Sleep WeekAnxiety, Insomnia, and Night Sweats with Dr. Kevin Chapman, PhD

  • Mental health issues, particularly, anxiety can lead to increased sweat production and nighttime panic attacks. Dr. Chapman walks us through how to cope with nighttime anxiety.
  • Insomnia, trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and getting good quality sleep, is another common condition that may accompany anxiety and depression. Practicing good sleep habits can lead to improvements in mental health treatment.
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment for anxiety, insomnia, and related disorders.

We hope you enjoyed the content as much as we did creating it for you. As always, if there are any other sleep topics that you’re interested in learning more about – let us know! You can email us anytime, day or night (when you’re up because you’re sweating 😉) at We’re here to help, sleep week and every week.

Until next time friends, sleep well, #sleepwicked.

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