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Night Sweats Sheets: Why are they needed?

The first day of Spring was last week. The weather is warming and your bedroom may be, too! As we approach our 12th year in business next month amidst all the global uncertainty, a few things are certain. We know sleep, we know sweat and we know the best night sweats sheets.

As Wicked Sheets blog readers know, we write as often as we can on the benefits of a better night’s sleep for the health benefits to how it may aid weight loss. As the weather begins to warm, we’ve rounded up the top 10 reasons cooling sheets are best for sweaty sleepers. There are tons of myths out there — that polyester is scratchy,  that it makes you overheat, or even that it’s unsafe! Read on for ten reasons why we know that Wicked Sheets are the best night sweats sheets.

1. Cooling fabrics help regulate body temperature

  • The first one is an easy one. Our fabrics remain 2-3 degrees cooler to the touch all night long, meaning that the pillow (and the sheets!) have that cool-side-feeling from night to dawn. Check out this Sleep Advisor piece on all the benefits of sleeping cool.

2. Sweat is trapped by fabrics like wool and fleece

  • We recommend staying away from the three Fs – fleece, fur and feathers. Heavy fabrics like fleece, wool, furs or feather-down filled comforters do what they’re designed to do – keep you warm! You want to keep the air flowing.

3. Breathability is key for night sweats sheets

  • Breathability is another given – when you avoid the three Fs above, you let your sheets (and your body!) breathe. Airflow, combined with the quick-dry technology of our sheets, allows your body to maintain a lower overall temperature as any sweat produced hits our fabric, is soaked into the dry areas of the fabric and is expelled through the hundreds of thousands of tiny pores on the surface of the sheets.

4. Polyester is a safe fabric

  • Myths abound about polyester – people wonder…is polyester safe to sleep on? Of course polyester is safe! Polyester was invented in 1941 by a group of British scientists. Now, nearly 80 years later — it’s been further refined and is as safe as ever! At Wicked Sheets, we know the value of these man-made fibers. We even went so far as to test them and earned the World’s First Certified hypoallergenic and asthma & allergy friendly® mark.

5. Washability is no problem

  • Performance fabrics, like polyester and nylon, require much less energy to clean when it’s soiled — much less hot water, lower drying temperatures, and an overall more efficient cleaning and manufacturing process than cotton. Our care instructions are easy to follow, yet another reason our cooling sheets are best for sweaty sleepers

6. Wicked Sheets are smooth, silky, & easy to move in

  • Our two-way fabrics’ stretch is movable enough to maintain its superior breathability but not so much that they  slip off the bed or move around during sleep as others can. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of hot flash and feeling like you’re trapped in your sheets.

7. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed

  • Statistics show you spend up to 1/3 of your entire life in bed — you deserve to be comfortable! No one likes to be hot while they sleep – cooling sheets are the best night sweats sheets for sweaty sleepers (and all sleepers!).

8. Heavy sweaters – don’t fret the funk

  • In case it’s not already clear — our fabrics are great for heavy sweaters. Our antimicrobial and pH balancing fibers are easier to clean and last longer — Wicked Sheets CEO Alli is still sleeping on the same set she’s been snoozing on for the last ten years!

9. Wicking fabrics help you sleep better than the buff with no sheets

  • There’s also the myth that sleeping nude is more comfortable and temperature regulating than cooling sheets — that’s not true, either! When you sleep in Wicked Sheets, the sweat that you produce dries much more quickly. The dry surface areas of the fabric pull the wet portions – so if you sleep in the buff without cooling sheets – the sweat won’t dry as easily.

10. Cooling sheets are the best night sweat sheets

  • We’ve been in business nearly 12 years. Check out our other posts and stories about the benefits of cooling sleep. Or, if you found us from searching about the impacts of medicine and sweating, we’ve written extensively on the impact medicines can have on night sweats, as well as other links between night sweats and other things like: unhealthy eating, smoking cessation and more. Final conclusion: cooling sheets really are best for sweaty sleepers. Night, night!

As always, sleep well, sleep wicked!

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