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Why am I sweating at night?

Are you wondering, Why am I sweating at night? For people in Kentucky where Wicked Sheets is based, as well as other cities around the country (and parts of Europe!), we’re all in the midst of typical summer heat. It’s not unusual for highs in Kentucky in August and September to creep into triple digits.

For people in our neck of the woods, that means high humidity and high temperatures. With hot weather often comes the assumption that the outside temperature is the cause of night sweats. While this can of course be part of the problem, it’s not usually the cause of the sweating.

Most often, people don’t realize their night sweats aren’t temperature related until the cooler months. It’s then when people notice that night sweats are still happening! We’re here to help you go from Why am I sweating at night? to cool and dry, all night long.

Don’t be late to the party. Be cool and be early! Moisture-wicking + cooling bedding from Wicked Sheets help keep you comfortable all night long. Our pillowcases keep your head, face and neck cool – no flips needed! Our fitted and flat sheets wick any sweat away from your body and dry faster than traditional cotton, all while washing and wearing better and lasting longer!

Night sweats can be caused by many things, including:

  1. Poor nutrition
  2. Early pregnancy
  3. Smoking and smoking cessation
  4. Medicines, medicines or medicines
  5. Anxiety
  6. Hyperhidrosis

This handy infographic below shows you some of the major causes of night sweats in addition to the links above!


Why am I sweating at night?

Your doctor is your best sounding board for medical questions or concerns. As always, give a trusted medical professional a call with any health concerns — especially from an uptick in night sweats. Sleep well, sleep wicked. Go from Why am I sweating at night? to sleeping all night.

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