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Wicked Sheets: Not just for menopause.

Louisville based Wicked Sheets has expanded their product offerings. Founded in 2008 by CEO Alli Truttmann, she and her team returned last week from the release of their Little Sleepers™ line at the LA Baby Show in Los Angeles, California. Among the famed attendees were Ali Fedowsky, @theBabyGuyNYC, and over 3,000 new and expectant parents.

Scientifically designed for people suffering from night sweats and hot flashes, Wicked Sheets helps keep sleepers cool and dry all night long. Wicked Sheets breathable fabric wicks six times more moisture than cotton sheets, dries four times faster, and is 2-3° cooler to the touch. Their lines originated with the adult sleeper in mind, primarily focused on, but not limited to, menopausal aged women.

“While we remain focused on our original brand and target customer, we couldn’t ignore the need for a product like this in the baby industry,” said Truttmann. “SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) continues to be a growing concern for parents and most of the research suggests that keeping your child’s bed cool and breathable may be a key factor in preventing these types of incidents.”

The Wicked Little Sleepers™ line includes crib sheets, mini crib sheets, swaddle blankets, and pregnancy pillow cases, as well as maternity bedding for sweaty sleepers –parents and babies alike. Just as excess moisture on adult skin can cause irritation, wetness from a baby’s “dribbles and drools” (aka: spit-up, formula, breast milk, and urine) can also cause irritation, rashes, and even sleep disturbance. Wicked Sheets hopes to give the whole family the rest that they deserve.

In addition to the innovative moisture-wicking and cooling components that their adult consumer line features, Truttmann pointed out that the new baby fabric comes in a reversible pattern and has a unique UV shield, which impeded the absorption of heat from all light sources.  “While designing the line, I spoke to many moms about their babies being hot. It occurred to me that the heat is often the result of sunlight exposure. Whether in the car seat, a stroller, or wrapped in a swaddle being carried around, I felt that the addition of the UV shield adds another reason to love what our products can do for your baby!”

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