Best Blanket for Night Sweats

CEO of Wicked Sheets Shares Her Favorite Fall Blankets for Hot Sleepers

For those with night sweats and hot flashes, falling temperatures mean fighting the struggle between wanting a cozier nights sleep with not wanting to overheat.

With Wicked Sheets, and other moisture wicking and cooling bedding, they’re designed to pull warmth and moisture from the body and allow it to dispel and evaporate via the fabric’s pores. However, as winter approaches, many sleepers and their sleeping partners want to combat colder outside temperatures with warm bedding, but don’t want to sacrifice the qualities of their bedding.

CEO Alli, in the video below, describes her three suggestions for staying cool and dry and maximizing the breathability of your blanket. A sufferer of hyperhidrosis herself, she speaks to the importance of airy bedding, and gives options for different budgets.

Best of all, all these products pair perfectly with Wicked Sheets moisture wicking and cooling bed sheets, so even the sweatiest sleeper can wake up dry and refreshed.

Vellux Original Microfiber Blanket from Kohl’s

Pair this budget friendly microfiber blanket with your Wicked Sheets for a warm yet breathable blanket. In fact, she’s keeps the same Vellux blanket she’s had since her undergraduate days on a spare bed. If you are looking for a plush blanket this is your go to.

Threshold Vintage Washed Solid Quilt from Target

A gray linen and cotton blended Target coverlet is a great mid budget option and is both thin and breathable. It’s going to keep you cool and it’s not going to smother those breathable pores of your new Wicked Sheets.

Pick-Stitch Handcrafted Quilt & Sham from Pottery Barn

A higher end option and one of Alli’s personal favorites is synthetic blended navy quilt from Pottery Barn.  It’s a quilt with a synthetic poly fill so it’s more breathable than down filling and is perfect for those chilly nights.

Avoid the Three Fs

Always avoid the three Fs in the bedroom – Fleece. Feathers. Fur. – They are all designed to maximize warmth and minimize heat release. While perfect for blankets on couches or for decorative purposes, these Fs should never be had in the bedroom.

It’s time for you to get Wicked Good sleep with Wicked Sheets. Find the perfect sheets for you with our sleep prescription survey.