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Feng Shui Sexuality: Revitalize the bedroom to nurture yourself.

For this two part blog series, Dr. Krychman guest blogs on the positive influences of balance in the life and bedroom.

What is Feng Shui? Why is this important in my bedroom? Feng Shui is part of an ancient sacred knowledge of Taoism and both Indian and Tibetan culture that reinforces the idea that environment influences our emotions and actions. Spatial arrangement of your environment, the way you place furniture, and the objects you have in your room can influence your personal energy, thoughts, feelings and emotions. In simple terms, Feng Shui is how the environment you have created, either in your home, office or your bedroom, will influence your emotions, actions and feelings. Creating a nurturing sensual environment can ensure a sense of comfort, balance, warmth and inviting sexual play.

Take a few moments to look around your master bedroom? How do you feel when you first walk into the room? What emotions does the room evoke? This is the sanctuary where you spend most your time sleeping or during sexual play. Is it a cluttered mess with drawers overflowing with clothes and shelves cluttered with books, picture frames and knick knacks? Does the room evoke a sense of calm enjoyment or does it feel anxious and stressful? What about the colors and fabrics? Calm or chaotic?

It may be time to revamp your bedroom to boost your sleep and sexual spirit. Check out our next blog for some helpful techniques to create a comfortable soothing sleep environment that will invite relaxation and enhance sexual closeness.

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