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National Nutriton Month: Eat. Sex. Sleep.

March, in addition to being Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, is National Nutrition Month. Dr. Krychman writes on the importance of three basic human needs. Last month, we wrote on the importance of healthy weight and sleep.

“Commit to these three vital human necessities,” writes Dr. Michael Krychman, “for National Nutrition Month: Eat! Sex! Sleep!”


As we embark on National Nutrition Month many are reassessing their diets and food choices.  Most of us are keenly aware of the basics for an excellent diet.  Watch portion size, choose carefully, and limit processed foods like cakes, cookies and sugary treats.  Diets should be filled with a balanced diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and nuts!  Many ascribe to the Mediterranean diet which has been demonstrated to be both cardio protective and pro-sexual.


Sex can revitalize your soul! It promotes closeness and intimacy and an orgasm can release the feel-good hormones in your brain. All too often we make excuses to put off that intimate connection.  I’m too tired! I’m too busy! I’m too stressed out! Actions speak louder than words. Take the time for some sexual intimacy this month; you will be surprised how much it can nurture your soul. Flood your brain with the joys of sexual closeness.


Men and women are chronically sleep deprived and we are now recognizing the long term downstream effects of chronic sleeplessness.  When we are not rested, we can have memory loss, mood changes, and even feel off our game with word retrieval. A tired brain is a sleepy brain. Commit to excellent sleep this month. Revamp your bedding, stay cool and comfortable with Wicked Sheets. Declutter your sleep space and get an aromatherapy scented candle or a calming oil diffuser.  Commit to at least 6-8 hours of uninterrupted slumber. You will be energized and refreshed.

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