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Night Sweats and Nutrition

We’ve written before on the impact being healthy can have on your sleep. March is, in addition to Colorectal Cancer Awareness, is National Nutrition Month.  The benefits exercise and proper nutrition have on health is common knowledge, but few know the benefits eating healthily can have on overall sleep. Night sweats and nutrition are more closely related than one might think.

A 2013 study at the Cleveland Clinic found women reported, “some women find that a sugar-rich diet triggers hot flashes. A diet rich in fat and sugar was linked with a heightened risk for symptoms, whereas a healthier, Mediterranean-style diet — which emphasizes vegetables, fruits, grains and healthy fats — was linked with fewer symptoms. Spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine can also contribute.”

“Christiane Northrup, a physician and women’s health expert, recommends avoiding caffeine for one week to determine whether it contributes to your symptoms and should thus be avoided. Anything that raises your body temperature, including warm or hot foods and beverages, can also trigger or worsen night sweats,” the study continued. We, too, have written on the importance of examining one’s caffeine intake and potential for night sweats.

Regardless of how one sleeps, examining food intake for a day or week helps give an in-depth look at whether or not nutrition and night sweats are related for you. Check out LiveStrong‘s guide to the potential for food to trigger your night sweats. As always, consult a physician with any health questions.

As we embark on National Nutrition Month many are reassessing their diets and food choices.  Most of us are keenly aware of the basics for an excellent diet.  Watch portion size, choose carefully, and limit processed foods like cakes, cookies and sugary treats.  Diets should be filled with a balanced diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and nuts! Night sweats and nutrition don’t have to keep you up!

Sleep well, sleep wicked.

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