Sleep is Awesome

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks to the awesome infographic I learned a LOT about sleep in NOT a lot of time. The most staggering statistic I picked up from this post is that women spend 32% more time awake at night than men…on average, a whopping 33 minutes awake at night when we should be catching our zzz’s!

What are we doing? Sweating? Changing our jammies? Changing our pillowcases? Cooling off in front of the frig? Fanning the sheets? Not anymore! If you are like me and the time spent up at night is due to that “glowing” condition called night sweats, then your problem is solved. Wicked Sheets will keep you and your bed cool and dry all night long so you can get the wicked good night’s sleep that you deserve!

I found an interesting infographic that offered the following staggering statistics:

a) If you don’t have “time” to sleep longer at night, then a 20 minute snooze mid-day can boost your cognitive functioning by 20%.
b) A “power nap” can be more effective than a 200mg caffeinated beverage.
c) It takes 50% longer to fall asleep sitting up than when you’re laying down.
*Unless you’re like those narcoleptic dog that fall asleep midstride – then it’s lights out in 2 seconds flat!

So as you can see, I re-posted two infographics discussing the importance of getting adequate sleep and wouldn’t you know it, each of them suggest altering your sleeping environment to enhance your sleep experience and make sure that you get the rest that you, your mind, and your body deserve.

With all the new advanced technology in mattresses and pillows, wouldn’t you think it prudent to put the highest quality, “smart sheets” on your bed too? We know that Wicked Sheets can be that solution for you. Night sweats or not, Wicked Sheets will provide the perfect temperature for you and your bed and help keep you sleeping soundly all night long.

That’s all folks. Until next time, sleep wicked!