world cancer day february 4th

Sleep To Prevent Cancer, by Dr. Krychman

Who knew sleep and cancer prevention were intertwined? Dr. Krychman penned the following guest blog in honor of World Cancer Day – February 4, 2017.


February is a busy month! For many, February is a time of love and joy filled with celebration and erotic sensual pleasure.  Few remember that February is also National Cancer Prevention Month and that February 4th marks World Cancer Day.

When most people think of cancer prevention, they think of kicking their smoking habits, limiting red and barbequed meats, and cutting down on other unhealthy lifestyle. Weight reduction, vigorous exercise, and maintaining a low level of stress all conjure up thoughts of risk reduction.   Most men and women do not recognize the direct link between poor sleep quality and quantity and cancer.  A lousy, unrestful night of poor sleep not only leads to next day fatigue, memory loss, irritability, but inadequate sleep can increase your risk for a variety of diseases including obesity, diabetes heart disease and even cancer.

Chronic lack of sleep has been recently linked to many of the most common cancers in the united states.  Colorectal, prostate and even breast cancer studies link sleep disturbance as a risk factor.  Most adults should be sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep per night to recharge your body and allow your brain time to revive and recover. Chronic internet use, illness, medical problems, and day to day stress may be robbing you of your restful opportunities.  Sleep is vital for normal immunity and decreasing inflammation. Continued lack of sleep can lead to change in your immune system even at a cellular level.  Your ability to fight off disease maybe weakened.

In honor of Cancer Prevention Month and National Cancer Day, commit to improved sleep quality and quantity.

Here are some helpful hints to improve your sleep quality:

  1. Keep your room dark with black out shades
  2. Stop all electronics including television well in advance of bedtime
  3. Create a tranquil restful space with comfortable pillows, décor and especially comfortable and bed linen like wicked sheets which can soothe and keep the body at a comfortable temperature.

Do not get me wrong, it still is important to watch what you eat, drink alcohol moderately and deal with your everyday stressors.  But, by resting your body, brain and thoughts in a peaceful siesta, you can be enhancing your immunity and even prevent some medical illness including cancer. Commit today to sleep well, commit today to be proactive in your health and wellness!

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