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Sleeper Styles, Decoded

At Wicked Sheets, we call it the bedroom hokey pokey. While it may sound nefarious, the bedroom hokey pokey actually involves night after night of legs in, legs out, tossing, and turning. Plaguing millions worldwide, overheating at night causes us to not get the restful sleep we need.

We aim to end your game of nightly hokey pokey. For those of you with night sweats or hot flashes, how do you sleep? How do you stay cool?

People who study human behavior in sleep often say that the position you end up falling asleep in speaks to your personality. In this post, we look decode the most common sleep styles.

Fetal position? For those of you who drift off in the fetal position, you’re not alone. It’s the most common and is often said to mean you have a tendency to be anxious and worry. Many times those who sleep in this position are known for their tough exteriors and sensitive hearts.

Starfish sleeper? Characterized by their arms and legs splayed, you want a starfish for a best friend and confidant. They’re known for being excellent listeners and always willing to help out those they love.

Log Sleeper? While those who snore are often said to be sawing logs, log sleepers rest much like trees do. Known for a pole-like sleeping position, they are trusting, sometimes too much. Their social nature helps them make friends easily.

The Solider? Soldier sleepers lie on their back with their arms at their sides. Much like their name, their stoic style of sleeping means they hardly make a fuss and often set great standards for themselves and those with which they associate.

Yearning Position? Snoozing on your side with outstretched arms is often reserved for those who are open to new things, yet take their time in making important decisions. They’re known for not regretting their choices and for sticking to their word.

Free-falling? Do you wake up in a sleeping position akin to that of a skydiver mid-fall? Those who sleep in this way are often seen as being extroverted and careless, when they can actually be quite sensitive and take criticisms more harshly than they show.

Do you sleep in one of the above ways? We know those of us who get hot at night frequently stick a leg out. Fan the covers. Flip the pillows. Find more information about sleeper styles in <a href="" onclick="__gaTracker('send', 'event', 'outbound-article', 'http://www.menshealth alternative viagra’, ‘Men’s Health’);” target=”_blank”>Men’s Health and in the ubiquitous @Buzzfeed!

Stay cool, folks.

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