So This is What Bed Buying is All About

It’s official, I’m an adult. I made my first mattress and box-spring purchase ever this month and let me tell you…it felt great-literally! With all the advances in mattress technology and cooling patterns (ahem!!) it took me an entire weekend to research, lay on, and decide on what mattress was right for me (and my back).

Like with most major shopping purchases, it all began with research. Ever heard of google? Online is a great source, but so are your friends and family. These “experience sleepers” all had a tid-bit of mattress knowledge,  and do you know what? They were all right! “Make sure you lay on it for awhile, honey, so you can really see how your back responds to the support,” my lovely mother advised. “Check out the most and least expensive options before you buy, dear” recommends my dad. And of course, my friends all jumped at the chance to volunteer because they know that when they help me out, I usually treat their opinions to lunch. 🙂

After all that research and all that advice, a weekend spent laying down and getting up and laying down in a strangers bed, and I am the proud new owner of a Sealy Posturpedic Franchesca T2 Extra Firm Pillowtop Mattress…wow, what a mouthful! Not only is it a great mattress (affordable and durable-just like Wicked Sheets) but the real zinger came when the saleswoman chimed-in with, “Oh and that mattress can be put on the mechanical base and turn into a hospital bed if you want!” Well, lady, if I wasn’t sold before, I certainly am now! A bed that moves for me when I can’t…brilliant. (Let’s just hope that I upgrade to a King by the time that stage of life rolls around!)

Alright, that’s all she wrote for me today, just wanted to update you guys on my most recent bedding purchase-as it is very pertinent to my business AND personal life, which I also enjoy sharing, so I hope you enjoyed your reading today. Ohhh and most importantly…the new mattress is 14″ deep so I went with the Wicked Sheets Deep Pocket option in white…a personal favorite. 😉

Sleep wicked, my friends!