Summer Sweats

Do I have the summer sweats or something else?

Summer sweats – or hyperhidrosis?

Summer sweats are nothing new. Somehow, we’ve all barely blinked and it’s nearly the middle of the year! For much of the globe, this means the heat of the summer is rapidly approaching.

The thing about night sweats and hot flashes is that when it’s cold outside — you’re much more likely to act on determining the cause of night sweats when the temperatures drop. However, with the summer’s scorching days approaching, most are less likely to consider their summer sweats as a byproduct of hot temperatures, rather than another underlying issue.

Quick science lesson: The hypothalamus is the part of our brains that is responsible for the production of many of the body’s essential hormones, those chemical substances that help control different cells and organs. The hormones from the hypothalamus govern physiological functions such as temperature regulation (the one we’re most interested in for those pesky summer sweats!), thirst, hunger, sleep, mood, sex drive, and the release of other hormones within the body. This area of the brain also houses the pituitary gland and other important glands in the body.

The hypothalamus’ primary function is homeostasis, which is to maintain the body’s status quo system-wide. It uses a “set-point” to regulate the body’s systems, including electrolyte and fluid balance (i.e., summer sweats and regular sweating production), body temperature, blood pressure, and body weight. It receives inputs from all over the body, then makes the proper changes if anything differentiates from this set-point. The set-point can temporarily change, but remains remarkably fixed from day-to-day.

Do you think your internal thermostat might be “broken”? For most of our customers, and readers, their internal thermostat the fritz — hence the night sweats and hot flashes! Changes in your sleep environment are a good place to start. Remove excess layers on your bed, avoid the 3 F’s in the bedroom (feathers, fleece, and fur), and invest in temperature-regulating sheets, pillows, mattress pads, and even a cool mattress. These tips are all going to help you better manage your internal thermostat and sleep more comfortably.

Wicked Sheets are a great cure to the summer sweats — check out these top 10 reasons why cooling sheets are the best for sweaty sleepers — all year round! As the weather warms, we begin going back to workouts and walks, our internal thermostats will work harder to keep us cool — and that often means more sweat will be produced. Be sure to consult your physician with any medical concerns.

As always, sleep well, sleep wicked.

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