To Wrinkle or Not to Wrinkle; That is the Question!

I was watching the Today show this morning, when an ear-catching segment started to run. They were noting that sleep is one of the most important contributors of “radiant, glowing, wrinkle-free skin” ( I put down my computer screen and turned up the volume. I’ve talked about the benefits of sleep for your health and skin before, however, today they were talking about what you sleep on as being another important factor.

As most mid-to-late 20’s women are, I am becoming more and more concerned about the effects of aging and my skin; primarily my face. I remember as a little girl, my once-a-lifeguard mother told me, “The most important thing I can tell you about your skin is ‘Wear sunscreen.'” Thank you for that, Mom. Because of your guidance, I always wear a foundation that has sunscreen in it to protect my fine lines. Too bad I sweat it all off, though, by mid-afternoon! 😉 What she didn’t tell me, however, was that they way I sleep and lay on my pillow at night can also have an unwanted effect on your skin.

Every day we see more and more products coming out that cater to the Baby Boomer generation offering healthy solutions to common problems. And just to point out the market size here, the Center for Disease Control suggests that there are approximately 37.5 million women experiencing menopause right now! (  So the good news for you and for Wicked Sheets is that the latest buzz revolves around the fabric that touches your skin at night while you’re sleeping.

As an uber empathetic person, I feel bad that cotton has had a “bad year”. First increasing prices and now being toted as “tough on your skin”, it’s no wonder that people are re-thinking their bedding choices. As the owner of polyester bed sheets company, bring on the anti-cotton bedding buzz!

This morning’s discussion centered around silks, polyesters, and linens as being the best pillow covers to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth. The great news for Wicked Sheets is that our fabric (silkweight polyester) adds the benefit of keeping you cool and dry at the same time we’re keeping those wrinkles from invading your face. Night sweats or not, you can rest easy with this bonus. Thanks for the info, Today show!

Until next time friends, sleep wicked and sleep wrinkle-free! – A