couple making bed with white flat sheet

What to Look for When Buying Bed Sheets

While browsing through Target the other day, I wandered into the bedding section to see what other options were out there for the average consumer. Might I add, I obviously chose Target for market research purposes, not to browse their new fall women’s clothing collection or anything absurd like that. $75.00 later…

Ok, ok, I really went for the bed sheets so here goes. As soon as I stepped into aisle one of four, I instantly felt overwhelmed by what each brand and/or set was offering me. Some said “performance”, some “anti-wrinkle”, some “microfiber”, and most importantly…in big bold letters atop each package read “THREAD COUNT”. Ah…what’s a girl got to do to find just a regular old set of sheets that feel good and do what they say they’re going to do?!

Needless to say, I was overwhelmed and I work IN the bedding industry. This sensory and emotional overload inspired me to write this blog about the absolute must-knows before you buy your next set of sheets: Wicked or not.

So let me break down a few concepts for you so that next time you’re in aisle one you know exactly what to look for!

Fabrics today are much different than what they used to be in the 1940’s and 50’s. But at the end of the day, cottons are still made in a variety of different softness levels and polyesters are still wrinkle-free. The advancements, however, in both fabrics have increased both functionality and feel of each of the fabric types.

My best advice: FEEL THE FABRIC FIRST. Everyone’s skin sensitivities and preferences are different and now some cottons are stiff and some polyesters are soft. Finishers and Dyes can also change the feel of the fabric, so make sure that you’re feeling the color/style that you’re planning on buying because each process can lead to a different finished product.

Oh, and bamboo and organics. Don’t even get me started. They may make you feel like you’re purchasing the greener option because of their creative labels and color schemes, however, cotton and polyester have been recycled fibers for years and even have sustainability initiatives in place all over the world because of their high usability and functionality.

So just because you associate little baby panda bears with hearing the word “bamboo” doesn’t mean you’re doing the environment a favor by purchasing that fabric type. 😉

Here’s one of the most frequently asked questions I get as a bed sheets manufacturer and retailer, “So what’s the thread count?” Great question. However, consumers have been conditioned to associate high thread count with the highest quality sheets simply because of the cost. Some of the greatest sheets out there don’t have a “thread count”. We’re one of those products.

High thread count certainly makes for an expensive and soft set of sheets, but it’s the thread or fiber that matters the most. Woven fibers are the only fibers that have a true “thread count”. They are comprised of multiple yarns that cross over each other at right angles to form the grain and look like a basket weave. Woven fabrics do not stretch and wrinkle easily.

Knitted fibers actually do not have thread count. That’s because they are made from one continuous loop and look like tiny rows of braids. They will stretch the width of the fabric and have the no-wrinkle component. Wicked Sheets, made of 100% silk weight polyester, are knitted sheets. Just like your athletic-type t-shirts and pants.

Plain and simple, standard depth mattresses range from 10-12 inches deep.

Deep pocket mattresses can be anywhere from 13-22 inches deep. Yep, we’ve fit multiple beds with 22 inch deep mattresses. I always ask if they need a step-stool to get into bed at night.

Extra deep options max out at 25 inches in depth. Now that’s a huge mattress!

If you love your standard sheets, however, and you end up purchasing a new deep pocket mattress in the same size, you can always invest in “sheet suspenders”. They work like a charm, are low cost, and won’t damage your sheets!

Alright do you feel like an informed consumer now? If you have any questions at all about weave, finish, percales, or Pima, feel free to shoot me a note and we’ll discuss. Meantime, I’ll leave you with this cliché as my final send-off before you go and buy your next set…in the bed sheets world, “You always get what you pay for.”

Sleep wicked, friends! – A