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Best Baby Bedding for Dribbles, drool and sweat!

dribbles drool and dry sleep blog, help babies sleep, Best Baby BeddingBest Baby Bedding – Why is Wicked Sheets best?

At Wicked Sheets, we hope by now our readers know that we know sweat. We’ve spent more than a decade helping adults sleep cool and dry, all night long. Just over 5 years ago, after many years of CEO Alli’s parent friends asking when she’d make a line for babies, Wicked Little Sleepers was born (pun intended!). We know we’ve got the best baby bedding for your little one. It’s no secret that babies drool. They drool when they’re eating, when they’re sleeping, when they’re teething – heck, babies will drool at just about anything.

One of the top searches on new parent blogs are how to combat the rashes, skin discomfort and wetness that come as babies drool. We’ve got the best baby bedding because, like sweat, Wicked Little Sleepers bedding wicks sweat away to the dry surface areas of the fabric – so when your little one drools, their face and cheeks dry more quickly and they experience less discomfort.

The Wicked Little Sleepers line includes crib sheets, Pack n’ Play® mini-crib sheets, pregnancy pillow cases and more. While the name Little Sleepers might suggest it’s only for little ones — toddlers and tikes sweat, too, and we have the perfect bedding for them, too. Is your toddler sweating? Read on to see how Wicked Sheets are perfect for babies, toddlers and adults.

Bedding for all, not just the Best Baby Bedding!

Wicked Little Sleepers products have the same wicking ability as the adult line but offer different patterns, as well as pint-sized products. Our Wicked-Cool fabric was specifically designed to remain 2-3 degrees cooler to the touch than traditional fabrics and is hypoallergenic. It also has quick-dry technology, three times more breathability, and even has a special UV-cut to impede the absorption of any natural or unnatural light sources. It truly is wicked cool!

Learn more about our baby products here or send us an email at info@wickedsheets.com today!

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