sweat happens: women standing at event for new york city moms

Sweat Happens: 3 Takeaways from New York Moms

Sweat Happens: Wicked Sheets reflects on the 2019 BabypaloozaNYC event held at Pier Sixty

Last week we attended our first ever BabypaloozaNYC event in New York City. My contact there, Karyn, had been telling me for the past 3 years that Wicked Sheets needs to be at this event. “Your products are perfect for parents and babies; they both sweat,” she would tell me. Most of our Wicked Little Sleepers® products were still in R&D back then, but this year we were ready to rock and it’s a good thing, because now we know, sweat happens!

In addition to bringing our signature Wicked Sheets Moisture-wicking + Cooling Bed Sheet sets, designed for sleepers suffering from night sweats and hot flashes, we also debuted 3 new Wicked Little Sleepers products: the mini crib sheet, the pregnancy pillow case cover, and the swaddle. All are designed with our Wicked-Cool® technology which has both ultimate moisture-control and cooling effect, all while remaining hypoallergenic. But enough about us…here’s what we learned from our new friends in the #newyorkparentingscene.

1) Round cribs are all the rage.

Apparently, us “country folk” in Kentucky were unaware of the new trend in big city apartments…the round crib. We’d heard plenty about mini cribs and Pack ‘n Play pads gaining popularity statewide, but the round crib was a new one for us and you can bet we listened to your experiences where sweat happens!

The most popular type of round crib is the Dream On Me Posh Sophia. And based on the reviews, this is the most widely loved standard round crib mattress based on its firmness : softness ratio and the easy wipe-away mattress exterior – for major accidents and spills.

The other very popular option, for which we created the Wicked Sheets Moisture-wicking + Cooling Mini crib sheet, is the mini crib mattress. These are also a great fit for families living in small apartments, families who travel, and for portable cribs or Pack ‘n Plays. Sweat happens everywhere and at any time.

2) “Natural” isn’t exclusive to ingredients anymore.

We’re still in awe of the presentation by nanobébé at this event. They served pina coladas to the attendees in their natural looking, breast shaped bottle. It was a total hit! Here’s a great description from their website about why their bottle is so wicked-cool, “it’s breast-like shape will help the feeder bond with baby, just like mom. The best part about nanobébé is that mom can pump directly into it, store in it, and breast milk feeding duties can be passed on directly to dad. This bottle also helps with middle-of-the-night feedings, as it warms 2-3 times quicker than any bottle on the market. This bottle also helps with smooth transitions back-and-forth from breast and bottle, if mom doesn’t decide to exclusively pump.”

nanobebe bottles display with cocktail umbrellas

Our other cool fan favorite was presented by Mommy Matters. They’re an organization committed to providing comfort products and support to new moms. It’s not on the market yet, but they’ve come up with a pair of postpartum/C-section friendly underwear that are lightweight and breathable (our favorite part!!) and even have a place in the waistband designed for a cool-gel insert that will aid in relieving stomach pains and cramping. Their fashionable design will certainly have mom feeling like a natural woman again in no time, whenever sweat happens.

3) “Sweat happens” … to parents AND babies.

If we heard it once, we heard it a thousand times. “Oh my gosh! Girl, my night sweats were SO bad when I was breastfeeding.”

Well guess what ladies and gents, if you were a sweaty pregnant lady or a sweaty mom during breastfeeding, it’s likely that your baby has inherited those traits from you (and/or dad). The average person typically has the same number of sweat glands, but it’s how much sweat those glands produce that’s inherited from the parents. Learn more from one of our most popular blogs, “Breastfeeding and Night Sweats”.

wicked sheets little sleepers crib with polka dot crib sheet

Our products were designed to solve the problem of interrupted sleep due to excess heat or moisture in the bed, for sleepers of all ages and stages. Wicked Sheets are the perfect sleep solution for the whole family, whether you sweat or not. As we always say at Wicked Sheets, cool and dry sleep provides restorative, uninterrupted sleep so you can all get the rest you deserve. When sweat happens, we’re there.

Until next time, friends! Sleep well, sleep wicked.

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